August 2019 Edition


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Featured Stories


One woman on a mission

By Emily Ball | Manor Ink
Liberty, NY – The St. Peter’s Children’s Thrift Shop on Main Street in Liberty is not your ordinary thrift store. Run by Dot Bottaro, the shop only provides for kids. The merchandise ranges from items for newborns …


Time on the farm, going back to the roots

By Emily Ball | Manor Ink
Sullivan County, NY – There are multiple small, family-run farms in Sullivan County. Two local residents are rekindling family traditions in and around Livingston Manor. Root ‘N Roost Farm is focused on creating a …


Onward with Upward as brewery’s on tap

By Demi Budd | Manor Ink
Livingston Manor, NY – Upward Brewery has been a project on upper Main Street in the hamlet that’s been in the works for years now, and as it is soon to open, Manor Ink met with David Walton and Dana Ball …